Cookstown Chamber of Commerce

Welcome you to the Cookstown Chamber of Commerce website.

The objective of this site is to improve communication between the chamber, it’s members and those businesses looking to know what’s happening in the town.

Our Moto for the chamber has been “putting Cookstown First” and over the past number of years, the committee of the chamber have endeavored to keep the Cookstown businesses at the forefront in terms of publicity and promotion.

The chamber represents many different businesses as diverse as banking, restaurants, small one person enterprises, hotels, accountancy and marketing. We are all aware that "who you know " is often as important as " what you know". As a member of Cookstown Chamber of Commerce, you will have endless opportunities to meet with other members in order to promote your business and develop long-term relationships.

May I encourage you as a business to become a member and strengthen the voice of the Chamber and help promote Cookstown across the province.

Take up the challenge and make a difference to your town.

Current President is Paul Wilson From Cookstown Furniture Centre.  Contact email is>

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