Following a circular, under the signatures of Messrs LL Loughran, A McConnell, WDF Steele, Mr Glover, and RR Bedi some 40 businesses and professional members of the Cookstown area met in Burn Road Technical College at 7.30 pm on Monday 4th Feb 1974 to explore the possibility of forming a Chamber of Commerce. So began the minutes for the Chamber in 1974.

This Committee lasted until 1977 when no further meetings were held until 1985. A new Committee with the initiative of Bob Wallace and under the Presidency of Tony McMinn was formed on 15th October 1985.

The fortunes of the Chamber oscillated over the years, a dramatic meeting being in 1991 at the AGM when it appeared that the Chamber was about to fold. However, a new committee was formed and the Chamber prospered again.

It appears from reading the minutes that the same concerns existed as today e.g. encouragement of employment, traffic problems, discussions with Cookstown Council and Government bodies, funding of promotions, application for grants etc.

Past Presidents were Mervyn Glover, Larry Loughran, Dr Robin Stevenson, Tom Sheehy, Tony McMinn, Stanley Best, Gareth Armstrong, Danny Costelloe, Norman Wilson, Tom Jebb, Anthony Eastwood, Pat McEldowney, Raymond McGarvey, Norman Bell, Linda McGarvey, Raymond McGarvey, John McConnell, Mary Hogg, Tp Sheehy, Brian Jordan and Alan Hogshaw.

I am delighted to say we have formed great relations with Cookstown council and we are working together to help the businesses in Cookstown.  An example of this is when we had 130 businesses turn out for our social media night at the Burnavon.